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Let's Play! Free Parenting App

Mar 7, 2016

Let's Play! is a free parenting app from ZERO TO THREE with fun activities, organized by age and routine, for parents to use to support their young child's early learning.

With Let’s Play! you can:

  • Choose fun activities that promote early learning for your child

  • Take photos to remember the moment

  • Share your activities through social media

Find fun ideas for keeping babies and toddlers entertained and learning, especially during daily routines like commuting time, chores, bedtime and bathtime, mealtime, shopping.

Search activities by age (0-18 months, 18-36 months, and 3-5 years), tag favorites, and share activities via social media. All of the activities reflect children’s typical skills at each age and are designed to support development in the context of play and family routines.

Download for your Android or Apple device today.

Let’s Play was developed by ZERO TO THREE to provide quick and easy access to play and learning ideas. Explore all of our parenting resources here.

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